PhD in Computer Science 2011 - 2015 University of Amsterdam - Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Master's degree in Computer Science 2008 - 2010 University of Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science 2005 - 2008 University of Buenos Aires - Buenos Aires, Argentina


Staff Software Engineer 2017 - 2023
Architect and Lead Node.js Developer 2017 - 2017 New York-based Startup (contract)
  • Guided the team in writing 100+ user stories.
  • Created the microservices architecture and coded most of the backend.
  • Introduced the team to Agile methodologies.
  • Acted as interim project manager, setting up tasks and guiding the team.
  • Created a Dockerized development environment.
  • Interviewed 10+ developers for backend roles.
  • Managed a team of 3 developers.
Technologies: Node.js, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Docker, Heroku, AWS, Mocha, Chai, Braintree, and Redis
Architect and Lead Backend Developer 2017 - 2017 Toury de Fietsgame (contract)
  • Migrated the backend from a monolithic architecture to microservices.
  • Reduced 40GB of DB space (80%) while preserving functionalities.
  • Separated the backend and frontend(s) code and repositories.
  • Created a Dockerized development environment.
  • Refactored code to adhere to SOLID principles.
  • Heavily modified the software development process to incorporate good practices.
  • Improved ride segmentation and categorization accuracy.
Technologies: Node.js, Sequelize, MariaDB, Docker, and Heroku
Full-stack Developer 2016 - 2016 Baagloo (contract)
  • Rewrote the Drupal back-end in modern Node.js.
  • Took the memory footprint from 1.5GB to 100MB per process.
  • Took the response time from 12s to 0.2s per request.
  • Designed and implemented fraud prevention algorithms, using graph analysis algorithms.
  • Implemented a payment processing system with PayPal.
  • Implemented an admin panel from scratch using AngularJS and Bootstrap.
Technologies: Node.js, Python, Bluebird, NetworkX, SQLAlchemy, AngularJS, and Digital Ocean
Full-stack Developer 2015 - 2016 Konekti (contract)
  • Created the first version (MVP) of the social network from scratch.
  • Implemented features including posts, comments, likes and other reactions.
  • Implemented various account types and profiles.
  • Implemented messaging together with an inbox and admin panel.
  • Deployed and maintained the product during the early demo stages.
Technologies: Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Heroku, HAML, Bootstrap, Devise, Paperclip, AWS, and Sendgrid
Full-stack Developer 2015 - 2016 Opinautos/StartMyCar (contract)
  • Made performance and memory improvements as well as front-end and back-end feature implementations.
  • Reduced 30% of cache memory usage.
  • Created scrapers to gather automobile information.
Technologies: Node.js, Express, Redis, MongoDB, Python, Heroku, Git, Bootstrap, and JavaScript
Software Developer 2006 - 2008 CORE Security Technologies
  • Worked on the core components of the company's flagship penetration testing product.
  • Refactored the code to be more portable across Windows and Linux.
  • Ported the product to Windows Vista.
  • Created a new secured update protocol and implemented it in Python.
Technologies: C++, Python, Boost, SQL Server, OpenSSL, and Low-level networking

Open Source

I have accounts at GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. However, most of the work I do is private, so you will not be able to see it. Moreover, I don't keep merged forks in my accounts. My contributions are better accessed through the following list.
   Ethminer-for-macOS (Ethereum miner): Issues #16. C++
   bookshelf (orm): Pull requests #1562, #1563. Javascript
   bull (message queue): Issues #518. Javascript
   husky: Issues #151. Javascript
   bookshelf-postgis: Issues #1. Pull requests #2. Javascript
   sequel-pro: Pull requests #2776. Objective-C
   express-mysql-session: Issues #50. Pull requests #51. Javascript
   mysql-connection-manager: Issues #9, #10. Pull requests #11. Javascript
   strongloop/strong-supervisor: Issues #203. Javascript
   angular-basic-auth: Issues #4, #5, #6, #7. Javascript
   jmespath.rb: Issues #34. Ruby
   linkifyjs: Issues #100. Pull requests #106. Javascript
   packageassistant (osx package manager): Developed first version. Objective-C