Talks and Guest Lectures

   A Brief Intro to (Modal) Logic. 2018.
Guest lecture at Computational Lexical Semantics course. CU Boulder, USA.
   PDL is the bisimulation-invariant fragment of Weak Chain Logic. 2015.
Joint Meeting of Logic in Computer Science and CSL, Kyoto, Japan.
   Fragments of Fixpoint Logics: Automata and Expressiveness. 2015.
Mathematics/Computer Science Seminar. Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany.
   PDL inside the mu-calculus: a syntactic and automata-theoretic characterization. 2014.
Advances in Modal Logic, Groningen, Netherlands.
   Dynamic Modalities in Coalgebraic Modal Logic. 2014.
Seminarium SLIWOWICA, University of Warsaw, Poland.
   Announcements in Coalgebraic Logic. 2014.
LIRA Seminar, ILLC, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
   Coalgebraic Announcement Logics. 2013.
Algebra|Coalgebra Seminar, ILLC, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
   An automata-theoretic view on logics and vice-versa. 2013.
TCS Seminar, Friedrich-Alexander-Universität, Erlangen, Germany.
   Beyond Regularity for Presburger Modal Logics. 2012.
Advances in Modal Logic 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark.
   Introduction to Coalgebras. 2012.
Guest lecture at Category Theory course. ILLC, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
   Characterization, Definability and Separation via Saturated Models. 2012.
JAIST Spring School on Logic, Kanazawa, Japan.
   On Characterization, Definability and ω-saturated Models. 2011.
Int. Colloquium on Theoretical Aspects of Computing, Johannesburg, South Africa.
   Characterization and Definability in Modal First-Order Fragments. 2011.
DAHU Seminar, LSV, École Normale Supérieure Cachan, France.